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The situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a number of macro and microeconomic effects across the Portuguese business universe.

In its 110 years of existence, Informa D&B has already gone through several world crises and difficult times, in which it has always helped its customers regain the confidence necessary to resume business. This pandemic crisis we are living through is no exception.

From the start, we adjusted our models, assessed sectoral impacts and developed models and tools capable of supporting businesses and public sector decision-makers in making decisions, rethinking policies, making rapid adjustments, seeking to safeguard the present and the future, in very different circumstances from just a few months ago.

Sectoral impact on the Portuguese economy

The sectors of the economy are not being affected by the pandemic in the same way.

INFORMA D&B’s business universe analysis team prepared the first snapshot of the business universe after the crisis erupted, seeking to determine the impact that the COVID-19 crisis may have on the different sectors of activity of the Portuguese economy in 2020.

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Impacto setorial na economia portuguesa (1)


This impact indicator developed by Informa D&B allows for an immediate perception of the exposure of a portfolio of customers or suppliers to the impact of COVID-19, which can be low, medium or high.

In order to help you quickly assess the level of exposure of your customer or supplier portfolio to these impacts, Informa D&B decided to offer its customers an X-ray with the distribution of their portfolio by level of sectoral impact and risk of failure, enabling faster action in the reconfiguration of policies for granting credit, payment conditions, sales or purchases, among others.

With this knowledge, you can immediately adjust your credit policies, payment conditions and purchases, thus safeguarding your business.

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scan covid-19

COVID Scan - Municipality Analisys

The Covid Scan allows each municipal decision maker to act quickly in the design of strategies and in the reconfiguration of policies to support sectors and companies, as well as all the jobs they generate.

This analysis will allow to quickly evaluate the degree of impact on the business fabric of the municipality of the new reality, quantifying by sector of activity and degree of impact, companies, turnover, employment and exports, as well as the distribution of the business fabric of the city. municipality by degree of sectoral impact and risk of failure, which makes it easier to perceive the greater or lesser capacity of a company to resist the estimated impacts.

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Scan COVID-19 Municípios

Resiliency Indicator

We have recently developed a financial resilience indicator to measure the capacity of companies to face an exceptional crisis situation with significant impact on their activity.

In the context of the current crisis, the analysis of financial resilience is gaining enormous relevance and it is important to understand the factors that drive it. The financial resilience indicator complements the analysis of the risk of failure (probability of an entity closing with outstanding debts) and the risk of delinquency (probability of significant delays in payments to suppliers), all of which are important elements to consider in the strategies for managing commercial risk with customers and suppliers, so important at times of greater uncertainty.

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Informe 2

Estimated impact on turnover

The economic context of 2020 has had a significant impact on business in general. Although mostly negative, the effects on economic activity were not felt equally among companies in different sectors.

It is against this background of high uncertainty that, with the aim of providing a useful reference for business decisions, the indicator of the estimated impact on the turnover of companies in 2020.

This indicator is based on a model developed by Informa D&B which aims to estimate the impact that the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic had on the turnover of each entity.

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