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Credit Insurance - CESCE Fácil

Take precautions against non-payment by ensuring your sales on credit.

Credit Insurance Benefits

If you are an SME selling on credit, we offer you the quickest and easiest insurance that covers payment default.

  • We guarantee the sales you make for your entire customer portfolio
  • We compensate you for unpaid claims
  • We cover up to 85% of your sales value to identified customers
  • We do not charge you any administrative fees
  • Single price depending on your invoice
  • We make it possible to cover anonymous or unclassified clients
  • Includes debt recovery management service
  • We improve your sources of finance by improving your own credit conditions


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Quando é útil contratar um seguro de crédito?

Selling on credit is common practice. Accepting payment terms over an extended period of time means taking risks of payment default, which must be considered when selecting customers for business.

If a customer is in an unstable situation, the transaction may result in an unpaid invoice. Can your company take that risk?    

Credit insurance provides security when doing business, covering the risks of insolvency and reducing the impact that a payment default can create on the stability of your company and its survival

An essential tool for efficient risk management, which includes two complementary services:

  • Recovery management of unpaid debts.
  • Compensation in case of non-payment of commercial transaction


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A price adjusted to your size

INFORMA, through its parent company CESCE, provides SMEs selling on credit with a standard insurance policy that can be purchased quite simply.

Thanks to the systemised management of the INFORMA D&B database and the experience of CESCE credit insurance management, we offer you an easy system to calculate the price of your insurance, without any commitment, based on your insurable sales volume.

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Credit insurance is that easy

  • Valid for SMEs up to 5M euros.
  • Coverage for national and international sales, in 32 countries
  • No limitations by sector of activity.
  • Fixed amount adjusted to the invoicing volume and with fractioned payment
  • No prior assessment of the debtors' portfolio required
  • No need to declare collections or sales

If you identify your customers for CESCE to classify them:

  • We guarantee 85% of the annual invoicing per debtor
  • A maximum risk limit per debtor will be available to you, depending on your invoicing, of up to EUR 160,000.
  • You will not have a maximum annual compensation on those debtors.

If you choose not to identify any of your customers, you have no problem.

In that case:

  • We guarantee 60% of annual turnover per debtor
  • You can count on a maximum risk limit per debtor, depending on your invoicing, of up to EUR 3,000 
  • Maximum annual compensation of 3 times the premium paid



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