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Social and corporate responsibility

Our business strategy is based on corporate social responsibility, which relies on four fundamental pillars: customers, employees, suppliers, and social setting and environment.

Our customers

They are the central axis of our business and are at the heart of all our decisions. Our main objective is always to create innovative solutions that help our customers make the best decisions, based on all of Informa D&B’s data.

Our employees

The people who make up Informa D&B are crucial to the implementation of our business strategy. The development of an attractive corporate culture, capable of making Informa D&B a company where people want to work, is therefore one of our most important values.

We promote equality

We provide a working environment in which our employees can grow professionally by doing their best, while promoting gender equality. Our Equality Plan ensures this policy and includes a “Procedure for the management of discriminatory situations” or situations that are detrimental to the workers’ rights. We also favour family support.

Our suppliers

We work with suppliers that respect our business model and share our values. We also have a purchasing management system, covered by our ISO 9001 Quality System.

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Social setting and environment

We believe that, as a responsible company, we have a duty to make a commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of society. This contribution includes attention to the most disadvantaged, to the environment and also to sharing our knowledge.

Informa D&B allocates 0.7% of its profits to social causes, financing projects with an impact on the well-being of the most vulnerable communities.

Informa D&B is especially committed to knowledge. For this reason, we take on the social responsibility of providing, free of charge, the data and expertise that are necessary for the evolution of the knowledge about the Portuguese business universe. Here are a few examples:

  • preparation and regular publication of studies on Portuguese business phenomena;
  • monthly online publication of the INFORMA Barometer, on the evolution of the Portuguese business universe, its phenomena and its dynamics;
  • totally open and free access to the digital library where all studies and editions of the INFORMA Barometer are stored;
  • free provision of data for study by students and university professors;
  • special conditions resulting from partnerships with several universities in the country.

In short, we develop our activity with the aim of helping our customers make their business decisions, and we do it in a sustainable and ethical way, always acting with total transparency.


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