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Financial Management

Transform your financial management into a business growth engine, based on real-time updated information and using INFORMA’s data lake, managing risk, boosting profitability and minimising fraud.



Commercial risk management

Ensuring the right balance between risk and opportunity in business relationships.

Financial managers currently face huge complexity in their responsibilities, being in charge of protecting companies from the negative risks to which they are exposed and with fewer and fewer resources. It is therefore essential to manage risk and minimise fraud while driving profitable growth and leading many data integration strategies as part of the digital transformation.


Monitoring of the portfolio

Monitoring risk changes – locally and globally – that can impact your business.

Financial managers have the duty to monitor all their stakeholders and anticipate situations that put the company at risk due to its connections and business with third parties. It is also important to ensure that all compliance policies are followed.

INFORMA’s monitoring solutions enable organising your portfolio of stakeholders, keeping you informed about any type of change in your interest in the companies with which you relate.


Credit automation

With the constant evolution of technology and the large volumes of information available, traditional decision and credit-allocation processes are increasingly outdated.

Currently, making a credit decision without resorting to automatic processes significantly increases the margin of error and requires too much time for analysis.

With INFORMA’s credit automation solutions, you can define the most convenient credit allocation rules for your business. In seconds, our software with integrated data, or your own ERP system with our integrated and daily updated information, will tell you what situation the company you are evaluating is in and what the recommendation is regarding credit allocation.


Vendor Management

Building and maintaining relationships with high-quality suppliers is crucial for any business.

Advanced supplier analysis reveals unexplored opportunities and unforeseen risks, and a data-driven procurement strategy drives the bottom line.

Supplier management is directly linked to the companies’ productivity and efficiency. Managing risk, protecting your brand and minimising costs in the supply chain, selecting the right and less risky suppliers, managing and monitoring their performance and ensuring they comply with legal regulations will ensure you maintain more valuable relationships and that you do not incur unnecessary risk.

INFORMA has solutions that help you manage your suppliers daily.


Studies and financial analysis

Our financial studies, analyses and solutions enable increasing revenue, reducing costs, managing risk and transforming your business by adopting modern business practices while identifying growth opportunities. Our data lake offers a wide range of financial solutions, allowing you to achieve a better business performance in all business operations.


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