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Sectoral studies

Informa D&B’s Sectoral Studies provide a complete and updated view of the analysed sector, supporting the definition of business strategies and decision-making that result in the significant improvement of a company’s performance.

Sectoral Analyses

The Sectoral Analyses include the following data:

  • general figures (of companies, employees, exporters, importers; turnover, exports and imports);
  • sector attractiveness, considering profitability, growth, internationalisation, concentration and risk;
  • sector relevance;
  • age (number of young, adult and mature companies);
  • size by turnover, by region, and by exports and imports;
  • three largest companies in the sector;
  • sectoral financial information (general figures by size, financial ratios, balance sheet, income statement by nature);
  • sector relevance (in the business universe and in the industry).


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Sectores 1

DBK Sectors Portugal

The Sectors Portugal studies are exclusively dedicated to the analysis of key sectors of the Portuguese economy, among which we highlight private health, hotels, construction, private banking, wine, catering, frozen food, call centres and service stations. Around 56 studies are published every year.

In each study, the sector as a whole and the main companies operating in it are analysed.

See DBK Portugal 2022 Study Plan

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DBK Sectors Portugal Basic

With a simple structure and focused on the essential, the Sectors Portugal Basic studies identify and present the structure and evolution of a sector, as well as the main competitors, their profiles, and the contact list.

These studies, available in Portuguese, are prepared from the most relevant secondary sources and the financial statements of the main companies in the sector.


DBK Sectors Spain

The Sectors Spain studies offer a systematic and updated analysis of over 100 sectors of the Spanish economy. For each of them, the main quantitative and qualitative aspects that define recent developments and perspectives for both the sector as a whole and for one of the main companies operating in it are detailed.

See DBK Spain 2022 Study Plan

See DBK Spain 2023 Study Plan

See DBK Spain 2024 Study Plan


DBK – Sectoral Context Studies

The Sectoral Context Studies provide knowledge of the situation and structure of 56 sectors, as well as the identification of the main companies operating in them. For each analysed sector, we provide the recent evolution of the market and the main segments of activity, the number of operators and their distribution by size, the level of concentration of supply and the sales volume, growth and profitability of the leading companies.



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Geographical studies

D&B International Risk and Payment Review

This monthly report provides an instant and up-to-date view of the risk exposure of a wide range of countries, focusing on political, commercial and macroeconomic environments.

It includes, for each country: a D&B country risk indicator, a guide to payment terms, key economic indicators and also a concise analysis of the latest developments.

D&B IRPR is available online, via monthly subscription (12 months), or in a printed version.

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Conseguir Clientes Internacionales

Analysis of the Municipality’s Business Universe

Aimed specifically at municipalities, it provides an insight into the local business universe, revealing in detail the state of the municipality’s economy and of its companies. Up-to-date indicators such as number of companies, turnover, employment, number of exporters, export volume, incorporations, closures and insolvencies over the last five years are provided.

The ranking of the main companies in the municipality, including a TOP 10 ranking, made up of the most relevant companies according to indicators such as turnover, employment or exports, is also provided.

The Municipality’s Business Universe Analysis provides municipalities with relevant data for their management and important arguments for establishing policies to attract and establish companies in the municipal area.




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Competitor analysis

Knowing the competition is as important as knowing the market and the company itself.

FAQTUM - Rival

In the Rival Report, companies are given a ranking after being compared to peer companies.

It allows knowing:

  • which company grows the fastest among its competitors,
  • which is the largest or the most profitable,
  • what are the profitability ratios among the selected companies,
  • the evolution and market share.

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Propiedades Persona


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