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Domestic Information

Supporting the timely decision-making of our customers is the goal of the permanent and immediate updating of our database, in addition to the continuous investment in innovation of products and services based on it.


Informa D&B Database

We also know the value that our customers attach to the speed of access to the entire database, which stems from the challenges posed by the phenomena associated with big data and from the use of the latest information technologies. For this reason, we created a search engine for high-speed access to the entire database, which also enables advanced searches by companies, individual entrepreneurs and management bodies.

With data on over 1.7 million companies, Informa D&B’s database reflects the entire business universe operating in Portugal.

Our data processing processes, based on the DUNSRight® model, ensure that all available information is collected and that the result of the processing and transformation is of the highest quality.



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Work processes

The patented DUNSRight® process

The most complete and rigorous process, which converts information – the customer’s and ours – into business knowledge, to support decision-making.


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Main sources of information


Organisation of the database according to the nature of the entities’ activity