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Marketing and Sales

Growth is the focus for sales and marketing teams, and the key to this growth is to create exceptional experiences for existing and potential customers. In the current world, which is driven by digital commerce, it is essential to use all available data and information to know everything about your customers, competitors and the market where you operate, to better create and define strategies.

INFORMA offers several Marketing and Sales solutions that can help you overcome this challenge and define successful strategies.


Lead generation

Achieving business goals increasingly depends on the qualification of the generated leads. And this depends on the technology used to incisively segment the market and convey the message to the right people on the most diverse platforms. The marketing and sales teams therefore face great pressure to improve performance and increase results in a short period of time.

However, the waste in the sales funnel impacts the conversion of prospects (leads) into customers. This situation occurs despite the huge investment in resources, programmes and software and in sales & marketing automation technologies.

INFORMA has several solutions that will help you improve your lead generation strategies.


Customer growth and retention

INFORMA’s marketing and sales solutions help you improve the information you use and improve the perception of your customers’ profiles. With up-to-date real-time information, tools based on marketing intelligence and solutions aimed at marketing process automation (sales & marketing automation), we help you increase the ROI, drive better marketing strategies, accelerate your customers’ purchasing processes and increase sales efficiency.


Sales & Marketing automation

At a time when digital transformation is the focus of all companies, data is one of the main pillars of this change. Marketing and sales teams focused on the importance of data and of up-to-date and relevant information at any time are able to define better go-to-market strategies and make the sales process and customer retention more effective, always managing to present customers with the solutions that best serve them.

INFORMA’s solutions to integrate data directly into your ERP/CRM systems, in a simple and fast way, ensure constant alignment between the marketing team and the sales team, providing detailed information about prospects and customers. This process puts your business ahead of the competition, avoiding waste of time and investment. These solutions enable the achievement of marketing and sales objectives and maximise the potential of the tools used.


Market intelligence

Market intelligence efficiently and effectively uses all existing information relevant to the market in which a company operates. The trends and the monitoring of customers and competitors thus aim to enable decision-making when analysing market opportunities and go-to-market and/or new-market development strategies.

Our solid experience and deep knowledge of the market enable us to develop studies and analyses and make all information available in our data lake. Combining this with technological evolution, we develop products based on market intelligence that allow you to make more informed and sensible decisions in the definition and implementation of strategies to approach the market.


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