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Compliance and third-party risk

Companies need complete trust and transparency in their partners. With INFORMA’s Compliance and third-party risk solutions, you can perform due diligence and risk management, ensuring legal, ethical and responsible relationships.


Reputational risk management

Protecting your company’s brand goes beyond reducing costs and minimising financial risk. If you work with organisations that do not meet government compliance requirements, entities that are negatively flagged globally, politically exposed persons (PEPs), or that are involved in human trafficking, your brand will end up suffering the negative effects of those relationships.

The reputation of companies is a central and unavoidable topic, both because of the current ease of access to all types of information, and because of the rapid dissemination and communication of all existing information and potential scrutiny on social networks. In an instant, a company’s reputation can be destroyed.

With third-party risk management and compliance solutions, we help you manage your relationships in a way that does not risk maintaining connections to entities that may affect your reputation.


Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)  

Detect conflicts of interest through the correct identification of companies, business structures and managers, knowing the ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) of the researched companies. Verification or screening of all of them on official sanction lists and certification of the checks carried out will allow you to avoid maintaining business relations with sanctioned companies or persons, protecting your brand’s good reputation.

INFORMA has information on companies from all around the world, including shareholding relations between companies from different countries, thus enabling the study of complex corporate structures.


Third-party Risk 

Procurement leaders rely on thousands of suppliers and need up-to-date, reliable data to meet business expectations efficiently and profitably. Increased regulation, the new levels of transparency required and driven by social networks, and an increasing pressure to be part of the business’s growth strategy have further motivated procurement managers to build strong partnerships internally and externally.


Regulatory compliance  

INFORMA’s Regulatory Compliance portfolio of products and services was designed to accompany your company in all Compliance processes. We enable compliance with legal and regulatory standards on Prevention of Money Laundering / Terrorist Financing (PML / TF), . Facilitamos o cumprimento das normas legais e regulamentares em matéria de Prevenção de Branqueamento de Capitais / FinancFATCA and CRS.

Producto Compliance

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