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Data licencing

Exclusive access to Informa D&B’s domestic database and to the world’s largest database of financial, commercial and marketing information: Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network. To identify the customers with the greatest potential and to segment the market using the most effective criteria.





The main companies in the Portuguese economy are identified, analysed and classified in Rankings prepared alongside our publishing partners.

The Rankings are obtained from the data collected and processed with Informa D&B’s diligence and expertise.


500 Biggest & Best

In partnership with Exame magazine, we publish the list of the 500 Biggest & Best domestic companies every year.


1000 Best SMEs

Selected carefully by Informa D&B and Deloitte for Exame magazine, the Portuguese SMEs with the best performance in the various sectors of activity are revealed.



1000 Largest companies

To create this list, Informa D&B and Expresso selected a set of indicators and economic-financial ratios. The data collected and processed were then used with Informa D&B’s diligence and expertise.

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High-growth companies and gazelle companies

These companies are distinguished by their fast pace of growth in number of employees, turnover and export volume.

Our database identifies GAZELLE companies, i.e. high-growth companies that are at most five years old at the time of the database’s creation.

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Regional Rankings

In collaboration with publishing partners, Informa D&B identifies the companies that have stood out the most regionally.

Partner Ranking
Açormedia 100 Largest of the Azores
Campeão das Províncias 700 Largest in the City of Coimbra
Diário das Beiras 1000 Largest in the City of Coimbra
Diário de Notícias da Madeira 500 Biggest & Best in the Autonomous Region of Madeira
Jornal de Leiria 250 Largest in Leiria
Jornal Guimarães Agora! 250 Largest in Guimarães
Região de Cister 250 Largest in Alcobaça, Nazaré and Porto de Mós

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Default databases

Exploiting new business opportunities and managing the risk of business relationships are some of the needs that our default databases meet.

To begin working the market quickly, Informa D&B’s default databases are the best answer: they are available for immediate delivery with 500, 1000 or 2000 entities.


TOP Directors

Executives have the power to influence the choice of suppliers, and they are always switching companies. Following these changes is key to identifying business opportunities.


Largest per Disctrict

In order to advance by city, it is necessary to know the main companies in each region.


Companies that export or import the most

Knowing the companies that export or import the most in each sector enables identifying valuable business opportunities.


Companies that invest the most

Knowing the companies that invest the most in certain products and services enables focusing sales efforts in the right place. Do not waste time.

Examples: advertising, fuel, gift items, staff transport, goods transport, insurance, office supplies.



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Public data files

Informa D&B collects and processes the data published in public sources daily. To make well-founded decisions, all that is needed is the public data files that we have built with Informa D&B’s diligence and expertise.


More than 40,000 companies are incorporated each year. They need almost everything and are therefore an always promising market segment.

Legal Incidents (Lawsuits and Insolvencies)

It enables identifying companies with lawsuits, with debt to Social Security and in the Corporate Income Tax base, with insolvency proceedings and with a Special Revitalisations Process, as well as several details of these proceedings.

Financial Elements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Appendices)

We disclose the financial situation of companies that comply with the obligation to submit accounts, through their balance sheets, income statements and appendices.




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Custom databases

The customised market segmentation implies a personalised and individual choice of selection criteria and information fields. If the customer tells us the goal, our consultants will be able to help in this choice, supported by their vast experience.

Identify your target market

We have over 50 segmentation criteria to identify your target market:

  • geographical criteria (country, city, municipality, town, postcode);
  • activity criteria (CAE and SIC codes and description, activity description and import/export, legal form);
  • business criteria (sales volume, net profit, number of employees, shareholders, holdings, branches, etc.);
  • contact criteria (managers, executives, telephone and fax, e-mail);
  • risk criteria (Risk of Failure – INFORMA Rating, credit limit, incidents);
  • financial criteria (main ratios, any balance sheet item).

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Data enrichment

The companies’ databases need permanent updating. With Informa D&B’s information on customers, suppliers and competitors, any database will double its effectiveness.

Simply identify the companies whose data you want to update or add, select the desired information fields, and update the already existing database.

This service enables adding or updating, for example, the following information:

  • basic information (address, contacts, etc.),
  • average days of arrears in payments,
  • credit limits,
  • sales volume,
  • Risk of Failure,
  • value of imports,
  • etc.

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Commercial prospecting with artificial intelligence

We cross-check your database with Informa D&B’s database and use an algorithm that identifies the profile of your ideal customer, your current customers with unexplored potential and companies that, although not your customers, have your company’s ideal customer profile.

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