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The key to competitiveness in your company may be here: in Informa D&B’s tools that enable accelerating and optimising the analysis of customer credit risk, market analysis, knowledge of competitors, identification of potential customers, supplier management, compliance risk management, etc.


D&B Onboard

It ensures the efficiency of the business reputation verification processes, for compliance with regulations, enabling access to data, which is collected from multiple dispersed sources and cross-checked with Informa D&B’s global knowledge.

In order for our customer to confirm that the companies they work with are what they say they are, this online tool compares the operational, financial and legal data with the sanctions lists of the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), European Union and other bodies.

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Finance Analytics

A cutting-edge platform for an efficient management of credit risk.

  • Allows an analytical client / supplier portfolios view, enabling a strategic management of the different levels of commercial risk.
  • Access to the most relevant credit information for companies around the world.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly, with value-added information that can be easily customized.

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Finance Analytics

BVD SABI – Sistema de Análise de Balanços Ibéricos (Iberian Balance Sheet Analysis System)

This financial analysis system of Iberian companies considers and compares the general information and annual balance sheet data of more than 700,000 Portuguese companies and more than 2 500 000 Spanish companies to provide precise and immediate answers. It includes sophisticated and unique options for statistical processing and enables the personalisation of the presentation of results.

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InAtlas Geomarketing INFORMA

To optimise marketing actions (attraction or retention), InAtlas Geomarketing INFORMA uses georeferencing technologies of data on maps and detects patterns in customers, suppliers and competitors.

InAtlas Geomarketing INFORMA is always accessible on any device (PC or tablet) and is permanently updated, and can be integrated into the customer’s systems (database and analytics) and synchronised with the databases existing in those systems. With an intuitive interface, the extraction of results does not require expert knowledge.

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D&B Portfolio Manager

Those who have to manage credit risk will find in this application a global view of the current and future risk represented by the customer portfolio.

Working online, it cross-checks the user’s data on receivables with the Informa D&B database; the risk of closure with the payment practice; and thus identifies the customers who show the highest probability of default.

It allows segmenting and organising customer portfolios, as well as setting customised alerts with the parameters adjusted to each case.

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Portfolio Manager Tablet

D&B Global Decision Maker

Aimed at optimising the resources involved in credit decisions and making the credit decisions themselves more consistent and efficient, this application combines each company’s credit policy with the Informa D&B database. The result is:

  • the automation of most credit decisions,
  • the creation of white lists and black lists, so that credit to certain customers is always approved or refused,
  • the controlled decentralisation of credit decisions,
  • the immediate communication of credit decisions to the customer, avoiding losing the customer,
  • a history of all decisions made in order to identify any necessary adjustments to credit approval criteria.

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Valoracion Empresas

D&B GRS - Global Reference Solution

An online application for identification and segmentation of partners, both domestically and internationally.

It enables:

  • finding out about any international or domestic companies, wherever you are, by obtaining contact details, size of the business, type of activity and links to any company around the world;
  • making commercial travel profitable, by knowing that potential customers exist in the area where you are travelling to;
  • making international contacts more safely and quickly;
  • identifying international groups.

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D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager

Supplier management is always an opportunity to reduce costs, in addition to implying risk control responsibility. The Supplier Portfolio Manager™ improves the position in negotiations with suppliers by identifying all the links of companies to economic groups and therefore favouring the identification of more advantageous supply opportunities.

By cross-checking data from different sources – the amount of expenditure incurred with suppliers, and the data and main risk indicators from Informa D&B, updated monthly – this tool provides grouping of suppliers by amounts spent and levels of risk. This makes it possible to know what expenditure has been awarded to more or less risky companies, the number of active suppliers in each sector, etc.

The setting of customised alerts with parameters adjusted to each case also favours excellence in supplier management.

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Porfolio Manager 2


This modular and complete solution is crucial for financial entities that need to comply with the requirements of the FATCA or CRS legislations.

Both solutions meet all of the regulations’ requirements:

  • Rating and surveillance,
  • Documentation to be requested from the customer and any divergences,
  • Preparation of reporting files,
  • Audit scheme,
  • Complementary customised call centre services,
  • Document management.



Fatca Crs 2

SIP – Shared Information Service

The Shared Information Service enables the management and maintenance of a shared database service of customers who do not meet their payment obligations.

This service includes access, under certain conditions, to a database that aggregates information on payments made by the common customers of the participating entities, which come from various business sectors.

  • The service enables the participating entities to:
  • Access the information recorded by each member in a simple way;
  • Access information by sector, or in a multi-sectoral manner;
  • Easily and securely record the customers’ debts;
  • Disseminate negative information (i.e. non-compliance);
  • When requested, benefit from the communication to their defaulting customers that such a situation will be disclosed, creating a strong persuasion to pay;
  • Make use of a call centre that enables a first-level response to technical questions that may arise.

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Valoracion Empresas[2]


GEOCODE is a database treatment software specialized in address normalization. Using this software, you guarantee the quality of your customer or potential customer databases.

When normalizing your addresses with Geocode:

  • Ensures the quality of information in its databases
  • Detects and eliminates duplicates reducing unwanted shipping costs
  • Optimizes marketing campaigns and decreases the number of returns.

Geocode also allows you to enrich the information in your records:

  • With geographic coordinate information for route optimization
  • With socioeconomic variables for better targeting and campaigns

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Data integration solutions

The integration of Informa D&B data into customers’ CRM / ERP systems guarantees the availability of information, when and where it is needed, thus improving the users’ performance as well as making the daily process of using information faster.


With this REST API, the information needed to better monitor customers and suppliers is available on the usual management platforms. After configuration of the solution in the management platforms (CRM / ERP), it enables real-time access to Informa D&B data.

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Chica Optimizacion



Fast and automatic data management is vital to the success of any business and therefore real-time access to information is crucial.

The PHC Plug-in makes Informa D&B data immediately accessible in PHC systems.



Integrated in ETICADATA, this Informa D&B module enables, in a simple way, the creation and filling out of new customer and supplier forms, directly in your system.

It is also a solution that helps you make credit decisions, providing you with a set of useful features for the automation and monitoring of customers and suppliers.



In order to provide companies with greater analysis capacity, Informa D&B and ARTSOFT have developed a solution that allows their customers to integrate relevant information for their business into their ARTSOFT ERP systems.

This solution provides its users with direct access to tools that allow them to speed up and optimise customer credit analysis, market analysis, knowledge of competitors, identification of potential customers, supplier management, among other benefits.

The user will also be able to configure personalised alerts directly in his system that he considers of greater importance for his business, thus keeping his information always up-to-date.


SAGE (50C / 100C)

Plug-in INFORMA for SAGE is a module designed to speed up all the processes of creating and filling in new customer and supplier forms directly in your system.

This solution provides a set of information that, together with its other functionalities, enables a more effective and assertive management of companies' activities.



With this App, available on the SalesForce AppExchange, Informa D&B data that is relevant to better analyse and monitor customers is available on the Salesforce management platform.       


Microsoft Dynamics 365

The INFORMA for Dynamics 365 solution allows you to incorporate the information that is most relevant to you into your system, for a better monitoring of your accounts.

The set of functionalities available, allows a more rigorous and efficient management of your clients and suppliers.

Fully integrated into Microsoft's solution, the INFORMA for Dynamics 365 module is an extremely evolved solution that allows for high process optimisation.


SAP Business One       

A solution that enables real-time access to Informa D&B’s data through the SAP Business One platform.


SAP S/4Hana

The integration of Informa D&B’s data into SAP S/4HANA is an important step to support credit decision-making and automate customer and supplier monitoring.

D&B Data Integration Toolkit

This API, with multiple features, enables integrating Informa D&B’s data, with global reach, so that they are accessible in a company’s internal systems.

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