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Ways to access the information

There are multiple ways to access our information: online, with a username and password; through data integration in your own systems (API); through one of our management applications, through data licencing, through our studies and analysis, or even through the eInforma website.


INFORMA website’s customer area

In our website’s customer area, which can be accessed using a username and password, our company database and all our products and services can be accessed.


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Data integration solutions

Informa D&B’s data can be fully integrated into our customers’ systems, or segmented so that only the necessary data are integrated.
It is also possible to create applications based on Informa D&B’s data and with specific objectives, or credit decision models, to support day-to-day decisions.

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Software with integrated data

In order to make day-to-day decisions based on data updated in real time, and automated whenever human intervention can be dispensed with, we have integrated our information into different management software tools. These tools also provide risk assessment models and predictive and analytical scoring, crafted by the best experts in the field.

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Data licencing

Several types of company databases and rankings enable access to our information, and can be delivered online or offline. The possibility of choosing already defined fields, or of letting the user define fields, increases the ability to adapt this product to the specific needs of the customers.

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Estudio Sectorial

Studies and Analysis of Sectors and of the Business Universe

We transform our data into knowledge about the different market sectors and the domestic business universe. This is the content of Informa D&B’s Studies and Analysis of Sectors and of the Business Universe.

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eInforma is the brand name of Informa D&B’s service channel contracted and provided exclusively online.

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App eInforma

You can easily access eInforma using an iOS or Android phone for research on Portuguese companies and their managers, contact information, activity, sales evolution and employees. To receive notifications about changes in a set of companies, simply make a list of favourites and place it under watch.

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