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INFORMA ESG Intelligence

INFORMA ESG Intelligence is a set of solutions for companies looking to improve, monitor and evaluate their ESG performance (environmental, social and governance) and that of their supply chain, guaranteeing compliance with the standards associated with this matter.


Companies' environmental, social and governance practices - known by the acronym ESG - will be increasingly scrutinised due to growing political and social pressures and the existence of more and better monitorable data.

In recent years many legislative instruments have emerged with legal requirements for reporting non-financial information, and in 2015 the governments of 193 UN member states signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The pressures that have helped bring ESG to centre stage are related not only to the greater scarcity of resources and the impacts of natural disasters, but also to the growing expectations that companies should increasingly strive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations.

For this sustainable development, it was understood that the business sector would make a vital contribution, due to its human capital, innovation and technology.


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The importance of ESG for companies

More than ever, social issues, environmental protection and good business management represent fundamental values and assets for companies of any size.

With good ESG performance, companies create value for themselves, particularly with regard to:

Investments - the importance of ESG criteria throughout the company investment process;

Suppliers and Customers - companies are made aware of the reputational and compliance risks they may face through their business relationships with customers and suppliers;

Business performance - various studies confirm a positive and significant correlation between good performance in ESG assessments and growth in turnover as well as profitability in the medium and long term.

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Informa D&B's commitment

As part of our commitment to data excellence, at Informa D&B we collect and process ESG-related information from Portuguese companies. With the support of a team specialised in collecting and analysing data from all available sources, you will have access to a wide variety of indicators on the three ESG company areas: environmental, social and governance.

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ESG information from Portuguese companies

ESG Score

A company's position on ESG aspects

We have developed the ESG Score, an indicator that shows the relative position of each company in relation to its sector and companies of a similar size, in terms of a significant set of ESG variables that characterise it at a given time.

Depending on the assessment of the different variables and components that characterise it, the company is classified on a 5-class scale / score:


1 - Minimum | 2 - Low | 3 - Medium | 4 - Medium-high | 5 – High


ESG Indicator Analysis

With the ESG Indicator Analysis report it is possible to understand how public data on companies reflects their environmental, social and governance practices, providing an insight into the behaviour of companies within the context of its the sector.

The following indicators are used for this analysis:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Human Capital
  • Environment


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Global ESG Solutions

D&B Risk Analytics - ESG

The D&B Risk Analytics - ESG platform allows you to deepen and consolidate information on your customer and/or supplier portfolio in a single tool.

It's a solution that gives you access to manage the ESG performance of your supply chain in greater depth and detail. It consolidates information from the ESG Ranking and information from the suppliers themselves obtained from an evaluation.

Among the advantages it offers, we can highlight:

  • Access to a complete and detailed overview of suppliers' ESG situation in graphical format;
  • Combining ESG data risk with commercial information;
  • It provides reports on the ESG performance of any supplier that has completed the assessment;
  • Allows you to download and share reports and snapshots to facilitate organisation and collaboration within teams.



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D&B ESG Ranking

D&B has prepared the first global ESG ranking for companies around the world with data from more than 38 million companies, updated monthly.

The D&B ESG Ranking collects information on environmental, social and governance data, and assigns a global ESG position for each of the ESG aspects: environmental, social and governance, for each organisation.

To access the D&B ESG Ranking you can consult the following solutions:

  • D&B Risk Analytics - ESG Rankings is a platform that provides evaluations and reports that allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the ESG criteria of your customers and suppliers
  • API - ESG Rankings integrated via API into the clients' systems
  • Batch File - ESG Rankings sent in a batch file .csv


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