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Information security policy

INFORMA D&B has a strong commitment to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information.
ISO 27001 Certification guarantees information security in the operational management of ICT infrastructures to support management activities; security in the transfer of information related to the development and availability of products and services, as well as the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

In response to a new technological environment where the convergence between information technology and communications is facilitating a new productivity paradigm for companies, INFORMA D&B is highly committed to maintaining a competitive service, offering its information services as well as creating of economic, financial and marketing information databases of companies and entrepreneurs in a quality environment, where the use of good security practices is essential to achieve the objectives of confidentiality, integrity, availability and legality of all managed information.

Consequently, INFORMA D&B assumes the following commitments to be taken into account in the application structure of the Information Security Management System (SGSI):

  • Ensuring resources for the operationalization of processes and activities within the scope of Information Security management, including in terms of raising awareness of internal and external employees regarding this issue and their respective responsibilities in contributing to the effectiveness of the SGSI;
  • Ensure the definition of the strategy that must be applied within the scope of Information Security management, in alignment with INFORMA D&B's policies and strategic objectives;
  • Ensure that the information security management system achieves the intended results;
  • Ensure compliance with all legislation that is applicable and relevant to the SGSI.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the ISMS.

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