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Privacy Commitment

Informa D&B dedicates its activity to providing commercial, economic, financial, corporate and statutory information of legal entities of different nature, providing its customers with information, analysis and risk assessment services of those entities, the management and sale of information databases and the preparation and publication of economic, financial and market studies.

The collection of data from corporate entities – legal persons or the like – from official and public sources as they disclose them is a core activity of Informa D&B. The data collected is thus limited to business entities, legal persons or the like, covering commercial, economic, financial and corporate aspects that fall within the applicable law. To this extent, a general principle of freedom to collect and process public data, and not a principle of prohibition, applies to Informa D&B’s activity, as well as to all data collection activities of business entities, legal persons or the like. In fact, according to the personal data protection legislation, the restrictions are oriented towards the collection of personal data from natural persons.

However, as legal entities are necessarily represented by natural persons, Informa D&B makes a point of handling the personal data collected with the utmost diligence and transparency, in strict compliance with the law. For this reason, as part of its personal data processing policy, Informa D&B has implemented a strict set of measures:

  • professional data are collected to the exact extent necessary for the management of the contractual relationship between Informa D&B and the organisation represented by the data owner;
  • technical means were used, and appropriate procedures were established, to ensure the protection of personal data provided to us, preventing the dissemination, loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised processing or access, or any other form of unlawful processing;
  • an e-mail address (protecaodedados@informadb.pt) was created to ensure that any holder of personal data can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, deletion and portability of their data;
  • a data protection officer has been appointed, whose contact details can be found here.

Informa D&B is thus fully committed to the defence of privacy and invites all stakeholders to consult our new privacy policy and the Information to the holders of data in the Informa D&B database, as well as to request any clarification they may need regarding this important matter.